(Photo credit: Michael D. Poole)

“Abri” means shelter or refuge. Given the challenges that we face in the world as humans seem unable to get along with each other, we often have to turn to art and culture to express and remind us of our humanity. We hope that Abri will provide you with shelter and refuge within the world of art and culture.

We will cover music, art, literature, independent film, and the performing arts. You can access reviews, commentaries, and feature stories by clicking on any of the tabs.

Michele L. Simms-Burton, Ph.D. is the editor of Abri Art and Culture. She is a former professor of American literature and Afro American Studies. She earned a Ph.D. in American literature from the George Washington University. She has been on the faculty at the University of Michigan and Howard University. You can find her writings in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Hemingway ReviewThe Detroit Free Press, and Chronicles in Higher Education.

If you have suggestions for content, feel free to contact us at michelelsimms@yahoo.com or complete the contact form.


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